Employee Productivity

  • Social
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Light up the Utilization of O365

Assisted Selling

  • Real-time Inventory insights
  • Que Management
  • Customer Loyalty for real-time insights

Customer Engagement

  • Immersive Experience
  • Omni-Channel Retailing
  • Kiosks & POS extensions

Business Transformation

  • Workflow Optimization
  • IoT & Analytics
  • Customer & Employee Personalization

Roughly 60 percent customers feel they are better informed than store associates.

Retailers are seeking ways to deliver high-touch personalization to their customers, in other words, a truly omnichannel experience.

Enable a truly digital workforce from storefront to the back office,

while delivering personalized service and smarter merchandising. Give your employees timely access to product catalogs, customer information and the communication and collaboration tools needed to complete tasks efficiently while remaining compliant with corporate policies and procedures.

Know your consumer’s tastes & preferences to engage them better

Create multiple touch points with your customers like never before, understand them better with Omni-Channel and extend POS capabilities to anywhere in the store, while enhancing teamwork in your employees and increasing trade effectiveness.

Differentiate your quick service chains and hotels

by delivering personalized experience for each guest, on-property and online. Enable your staff to keep in touch with their tasks, goals and guests around the clock, create communities and promote collaboration among group travellers – hence boosting brand engagement and building loyalty!

Empower your crew

by providing mission-critical information, tools and applications on a single platform, so they can make passengers happy! Be they pilots, flight attendants or delivery drivers, help your staff complete crucial crew tasks before the travel commences, during the journey and at destination by keeping the relevant information, assets and conversation flowing.

Core is a completely role-based, socially aware, and secure framework designed to deliver a unified experience across all platforms.

Core serves as a completely configurable canvas that readily adapts to your daily application use – fully enabled with alerts,security, SSO and mobile device agnostic solutions.

Core entails a cloud platform deployed on Azure and mobile apps deployed on enterprise devices. It brings together information into a unified information portal by leveraging a number of applications, processes and services

Optimize your business processes, make more informed decisions, identify new revenue streams, and understand and predict customer behaviors better with our tailor-made solutions:

  • Collaboration and Social
  • Assisted Selling
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Internet of Things

Deliver Mobility in your Retail business

As a mobile enterprise, you can speed-up growth, increase productivity, attract new customers, and enhance collaboration.

Think mobile payments, offer retail services on all mobile channels, transform in-store operations, truly enable real time decision making, empower your front-line and manage your workforce; all while significantly improving customer experience.

Deliver Mobility in your Retail business
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Modernise Operations and Optimize Workflows

Retailers are looking for ways to increase speed and fluidity of in-store processes for improved performance and overall operational efficiency.

Do With AI can help you increase the effectiveness of your day-to-day operations by leveraging today’s efficient and highly secure tool and technologies.

Let us help you transform your workforce and customer experiences.

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