Content Management

Do With AI helps you streamline the process of creating, publishing and managing applications through effective content management.

With the increasing web-experience requirements that are spread over multiple channels, Do With AI Content management services make your life easier by providing:

  • Rich text editing capabilities
  • Extensive personalization support
  • Social and mobile tools
  • Consistent navigation style throughout apps
  • and Centralized content repositories

We have helped clients accelerate digital content development, disseminate content to applications, and deliver personalized content to users by using advanced content management systems (CMS), such as

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Sharepoint
  • and even by making their own CMS
Portal Apps

Portal Applications

Using content management systems and expertise in exploiting latest tools and technologies, Do With AI Application Services help you develop comprehensively structured portal applications of all sorts

  • Social content publishing
  • Community portals
  • Corporate websites
  • Saas
  • ECommerce
  • Marketplaces

Request our complete portal application portfolio.

We develop websites using advanced programming languages (.NET, PHP, HTML5, Rails), emerging web standards (CSS3, HTML5), and popular JavaScript libraries. Click here to view the complete list of technology platforms we deal in.

Application Modernization

Transform your inflexible, obsolete and aging legacy applications to achieve high performance

With vast experience in cutting edge technology frameworks, Do With AI application services help you incrementally evolve your core business applications towards modern technologies.

Want to develop applications on modern frameworks, as compared to some legacy technologies? or want to move your infrastructure to cloud? Do With AI can help. Get in touch with us.

Assess, Plan, Implement!

  • Develop an understanding of the applications in your business niche
  • Review them to assess any constraints and dysfunctions they may have
  • Identify opportunities to modernize them
  • Analyze all available options for application modernization
  • Migrate to an optimized standards-based environment
  • Eliminate redundancies by consolidating applications