Retailers have recognized that the balance of power has changed. Through mobile technologies and social media, customers are empowered, well connected and in charge!

Customers expect an engaging, immediate, and consistent experience when and where they shop. Solutions, enabled by personalized content, analytics, and cloud technologies are becoming the backbone of most retailers’ competitive strategy.

At Do With AI, we design and build solutions that help retailers modernise their operations, execute a value-driven mobile strategy and deliver a differentiated customer experience.

  • Deliver Mobility in your Retail business
  • Modernise Operations and Optimize Workflows
  • Deliver engaging Customer Experiences
  • Implement smart payment solutions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

Deliver Mobility in your Retail business

As a mobile enterprise, you can speed-up growth, increase productivity, attract new customers, and enhance collaboration.

Think mobile payments, offer retail services on all mobile channels, transform in-store operations, truly enable real time decision making, empower your front-line and manage your workforce; all while significantly improving customer experience.

Do With AI has delivered turn key mobility solutions to a number of retail clients including Whirlpool, Craftsman, Kenmore, Greenscape, Amana.

See how our mobility services help you discover, define and deliver a mobile strategy for the effective deployment of mobility initiatives in your retail enterprise.

Deliver Mobility in your Retail business
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Modernise Operations and Optimize Workflows

Retailers are looking for ways to increase speed and fluidity of in-store processes for improved performance and overall operational efficiency.

Do With AI can help you increase the effectiveness of your day-to-day operations by leveraging today’s efficient and highly secure tool and technologies.

Together with Microsoft, Do With AI designed a unified launching experience to help retailers transform and modernise entire in-store workflows of a store employee. Learn more about it.

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Roughly 60 percent customers feel they are better informed than store associates.

Retailers are seeking ways to deliver high-touch personalization to their customers, in other words, a truly omnichannel experience.

Deliver engaging Customer Experiences

Retailers are striving to connect with the highly fragmented and demanding customers in a simple and a relevant manner.

Do With AI is helping retailers deliver a seamless customer experience through personalized content delivery across all channels.

We have helped top tier retailers build desktop and mobile based storefronts, buying guides, and product recommendation engines to delight consumers.

See how our user experience studio and content management services deliver engaging, immediate, and consistent experiences.

Deliver engaging Customer Experiences
Enterprise Resource Planning

Implement smart payment solutions

Increasingly sophisticated, and secure mobile payment solutions are considered an integral part of a complete customer engagement experience.

Do With AI equips retailers with mobile, credit and debit card processing capabilities and helps them optimize, and expedite checkout services.

We offer core payment functionalities through user friendly, and intuitive interfaces for POS solutions; enabling fast, and secured transactions.

Lets talk about how your retail enterprise can benefit from smart payment solutions.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Previously, retailers built technology solutions to solve individual problems, be it procurement or finance, but these disparate technology platforms no longer work.

Through Microsoft Dynamics, Do With AI can help you secure your competitive success by bringing disparate platforms, applications and frameworks under one, seamless technology umbrella.

Implement smart payment solutions