Mobility and the need to stay competitive place new challenges to the industrial manufacturers. Manufacturers must transform their operations in today’s economic environment!

Manufacturers are forced to develop new relationships with customers and improve performance efficiency while at the same time deal with fluctuating commodity prices, lower cost competitors and unstable economy.

Do With AI collaborates with manufacturers and technology leaders to help them define new levels of sophistication for their sustainability efforts while managing a global ecosystem of suppliers, partners and customers.

  • Deliver true Operational Excellence
  • Real-time Data Management
  • Deliver engaging Customer Experiences
  • Online Catalogue and Portfolio Management
  • Mobile Manufacturing

Deliver true Operational Excellence

Improve visibility of channel activities, develop an understanding of your partner and customer base, and implement advanced technology standards to achieve a lean manufacturing process.

Do With AI helps you optimize day-to-day operation with a people-centric mobile approach that offers improved agility, liquidity, enhanced collaboration, greater visibility, and real-time contact with employees in the field and back to corporate.

Together with Microsoft, Do With AI designed a manufacturing dashboard that significantly enhances operational efficiency. Click here to request a demo.

Deliver Mobility in your Retail business
Modernise Operations and Optimize Workflows

Real-time Data Management

It is hard to make decisions and manage risk without having the full information at your fingertips.

In order to anticipate, or quickly respond to changes, manufacturers need enough information about the effectiveness and compliance of core business processes in their organization.

Do With AI can give you real time access to business metrics and connect your workforce to the information they need to act on the go, and manage assets and processes efficiently.

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Navigate the increasingly volatile marketplace

and improve your business results through cutting edge technology solutions and optimization of day-to-day operations.

Online Catalogue and Portfolio Management

Manufacturer’s are expanding their digital portfolio to speed-up growth in emerging markets, opens up new opportunities, reduce time to market, and internationalize their footprints while delivering a consistent and seamless customer experience.

Do With AI has helped retailers set up their online presence, digital catalogues, buying guides and mobile storefronts to help them reach prospective customers and drive sales.

Learn more about our application services to see how we can help.

Deliver engaging Customer Experiences
Enterprise Resource Planning

Mobile Manufacturing

For manufacturing, mobility offers both the ability to optimize operational costs and to add value to the customer experience.

At Do With AI, we design and develop mobile solutions that optimize operations, enable real time tracking of organizational activities, and set up a digital presence to reach prospective customers faster than ever before.

See how our mobility services boost enterprise efficiency.